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Frequently asked questions

This service is an easy way for you to pause and think about your health and wellbeing while you are waiting for your NHS treatment. It draws together the latest research, and will help you to:

  • Find out the steps to take now that can help you keep well while you await your NHS treatment.
  • Concentrate your efforts on actions that we know will benefit your recovery, getting you feeling better sooner.
  • Make informed decisions about the way you prepare for your NHS treatment.

No, this self-assessment is just for you. It's full of information to help you stay healthy while you wait for your NHS treatment. Looking after your physical and mental wellbeing can help reduce the risk of complications during surgery and can improve your recovery rate afterwards.

No, before your operation you will be invited to attend a pre-operative assessment depending on the treatment you are waiting for. This tool is a self-assessment of your health and mental wellbeing. It will only look at changes you can make to maintain or improve your health while you wait for your NHS treatment. For more information on what to expect at a pre-operative assessment click here.

You only need to share the information that you are happy to share. The questions that we ask in the self-assessment are to help us give the right information which is relevant to you. Our Privacy Statement will give you more information on how we use the information you tell us.

Your feedback report will be available to view online and return to at a later date if you register on the website. You can register before you start the self-assessment or at the end when you get your feedback.

If you prefer not to register on the website, you will still be able to view your feedback online, but the results will not be saved.

You can also print out the feedback report.